custom cycling shorts

Our cycling shorts is of a 9 panel construction for an anatomical fit and a comfortable ride. Multiple Pad options

for men and women gender specific fits.

The main panels are a Spanish high compression spandex which are available in a multitude of colors. All printed areas are a poly/spandex micro combination for a form fit and bright print.

Chamois options are from our Standard pad which is as good as any other manufacturers' top pad - to our Liquicell and Trecroci pads which are industry leaders.

Cycling Pads

cycling chamois

All of our chamois / cycling pads are imported from Italy and are of the highest quality. Our Pasubio and HT90 pad is what most manufacturers use in their top of the range or pro sets. We offer an additional pad that are just outstanding and perfect for those riders who expect quality and love those longer rides.

HT90 Chamois

HT90 cycling pad

This is a premium open cell pad. It's Skinlife covering has a great feel against the skin as well as helping reduce rashes. This is the first Y style moulded insert, with its revolutionary seamless technology the pad follows your skin in motion. The geometry of HT90 eliminates skin rashes during your pedal stroke. This pad is available in men's and women's gender specific shapes and form.

Race Gell Pad

bicycle race gell pad

Anti-Shock Gel zones offer comfort and breathability. Multi-thickness high-density foam for better moisture evacuation and comfort.

More options

Should you have specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. In all probability, we will be able to meet your needs.  Please call or email.